Our Strategy

BC Partners has maintained the same strategy and approach since its first fund began investing over 29 years ago, focussing on buy-outs of larger businesses exhibiting defensive growth characteristics both in Europe and selectively elsewhere. BC Partners has consistently delivered superior returns to investors through its differentiated approach to asset selection and execution which has led to substantial value creation in its investments.

Asset Selection

Considered the most critical component of BC Partners’ strategy, the deal team carries out extensive and rigorous diligence to identify good businesses with defensive growth characteristics and carefully scrutinises potential investment risks.

BC Partners’ approach to asset selection is based on its investment criteria which have not changed materially since inception. These criteria provide a clear and consistent framework for assessing investment opportunities using the investment team’s experience and expertise in business analysis. The ability to select higher quality investment opportunities through deeper diligence is directly reflected in the superior returns generated for investors.


BC Partners seeks superior execution throughout each stage of every investment. This positions BC Partners to win attractive assets at entry, act as an active shareholder in partnership with management and maximise returns for investors at exit.

Value Creation

Through superior asset selection and execution, BC Partners seeks to create substantial value in its investments with a particular focus on earnings growth while also positioning companies for multiple expansionon exit and deleveraging through the period of the investment.

The majority of value created in BC Partners investments has originated from a combination of the following factors:

(i) market growth;
(ii) return on capital employed;
(iii) increased operational efficiency; and
(iv) synergies from acquisitions or mergers.

  • One unified investment strategy and approach
  • Superior asset selection through its defined investment criteria
  • Superior execution delivered through a consistent investment approach
  • Driving value creation through earnings growth