BC Partners is committed to the highest standards of transparency and reporting. We aim to be open and timely in our communications with all stakeholders.

As a member of the British Venture Capital Association (the “BVCA”), BC Partners has chosen to voluntarily comply with the recommendations in the Walker Guidelines of Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity in the United Kingdom published in November 2007 on the “comply or explain” basis set out therein.

BC Partners will promote conformity with the Walker Guidelines amongst those investments in the UK that meet the Walker definitions of a portfolio company and in which BC Partners have a controlling interest.

BC Partners, represented by Stefan Zuschke and Ewald Walgenbach, support the Initiative of the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften (BVK) for more transparency of the German private equity industry.

Links to each current portfolio company’s website are provided under Our Investments. A categorisation of the limited partners who invest in funds advised by BC Partners can be found in the Our Investors section.

BC Partners understands that conflicts of interest can arise. BC Partners and has implemented internal policies and guidelines which seek to reduce such instances and to address any conflicts that do arise in a way that protects and deals fairly with the interests of all those involved.