About Us

BC Partners

Founded in 1986 as one of the few truly pan-European buy-out investors, BC Partners has grown and evolved into a leader in buy-outs, principally investing in larger businesses in the region and selectively in North America through its established network of offices in London, Paris, Hamburg and New York. BC Partners continues to identify attractive investment opportunities by focusing on the best balance of risk and reward for its investors and is currently advising funds totalling over €12 billion.

Since inception, BC Partners has completed 93 acquisitions with a total enterprise value of €115 billion and has delivered superior returns through economic cycles, demonstrating discipline in bull markets and an ability to invest in attractive opportunities amidst turbulence and recession.

  • Leading buy-out firm investing in larger businesses principally in Europe and also North America
  • 93 investments completed with a total enterprise value of €115 billion
  • Advising funds totalling over €12 billion
  • Longstanding pan-European network
  • One fully integrated team across four offices
  • Focused on the best balance of risk and reward for investors
  • Discipline in bull markets and ability to identify opportunities amidst turbulence and recession
  • Consistently delivered superior returns to investors