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Brachem Acquisition S.C.A reduces holding in Brenntag AG to 49.61 per cent

Hamburg, October 01, 2010 – Brachem Acquisition S.C.A Luxembourg today announced that it has successfully sold 30.10 per cent of its remaining stake in Brenntag AG (ISIN DE000A1DAHH0) (equivalent to 21.36 per cent of the outstanding share capital) to institutional investors at 60.75 per share through an accelerated bookbuilt offer conducted by Deutsche Bank who acted as Sole Bookrunner. The transaction volume totalled approx. 668m. Through the sale of 11 million shares the freefloat increased from 29.03 per cent to 50.39 per cent and Brachem Acquisition S.C.A's stake was reduced to 49.61 per cent

Brachem Acquisition S.C.A invested in the business four years ago, developed it into a global market leader in full line distribution of industrial and specialty chemicals and floated Brenntag in March 2010. Stefan Zuschke, Managing Partner at BC Partners said: 'The funds advised by BC Partners acquired Brenntag in September 2006, and managed to create with the help of an outstanding management team a superior business model which shows resilience and a significant growth potential in an attractive industry. Over the last four years, we saw the company prospering in market share, sales and profits and we are very pleased about how Brenntag has continued to develop since its stock market debut in March.'

Brenntag was floated on 29 March 2010 when Brachem reduced its initial stake of 100 per cent to 70.97 per cent of the outstanding share capital. Since its initial trading share price of 50 the company increased its market value by approx. 22.00 per cent.

Funds advised by BC Partners, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs have bundled their shares in Brenntag AG as part of Brachem Acquisition S.C.A Luxembourg. Brachem Acquisition S.C.A entered into a 90 day lock-up.


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