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The Portfolio Operations Team

The BC Partners Portfolio Operations Team exists to create value for the portfolio, across companies and strategies.

The Portfolio Operations Team contributes to making BC Partners a better buyer, and a better owner, by improving our collective appreciation of operational levers of value-creation and destruction, and our collective ability to impact them. Our eight operations professionals contribute to the investment processes and portfolio oversight, by supporting value-creation in individual companies.

Partner and Head of Portfolio Operations Team Jérôme Losson walks with Partner Jan Kengelbach in a hallway.

Ongoing Monitoring and Improvement

The Portfolio Operations Team is fully integrated in deal teams, building on BC Partners' long legacy of being active shareholders. The Portfolio Operations Team, when appropriate, are involved from asset selection and due diligence through to the exit of a portfolio company.

Operational involvement can be across:

  • Due Diligence
  • Launching the Value Creation Roadmap
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Improvement
  • Add-on Acquistion Integration
  • Exit Support

While the team interventions are bespoke - reflecting the specifics of the situation at hand - they make use of a growing number of standardized operational playbooks such as:

  • The Value Creation Roadmap: providing focused support of prioritized initiatives which seek to deliver value early in the life of the investment
  • Top-line Stimulation Initiatives: including pricing diagnostics, and the implementation of commerical effectiveness programmes
  • Cost and Cash Controls: including "Expense Committees", procurement diagnostics, and various sector-specific operational efficiency programmes
  • Technology and Data-Related Support: ranging from cyber-diagnostics, to technology landscape assessment and "AI Acceleration" programmes In addition, the Portfolio Operations Team runs the portfolio oversight process. This consists of a Quarterly Portfolio Tracker (QPT) and a monthly Portfolio Review Committee (PRC) .