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The BC Partners Difference

Our business is powered by deep localized relationships and informed through international perspective.

At BC, we are deeply connected to our people, the entrepreneurs we invest in, and our investment partners. We believe that deep relationships are the most valuable ones, where honesty, transparency, and understanding naturally flow and lead to better outcomes.

Since our founding, we have always believed that the best professionals, businesses, and brands are equal parts inspiring and credible. And we have deliberately built a business that attracts people and partners who balance these traits. At BC, our investment professionals are world class in what they do while creating a culture of humanity, honesty, transparency, and community.

Over 128 Investments

Across 19 countries in 4 sectors

Over €170 Billion

Total Enterprise Value of these investments


We have a global mindset but deep local expertise in Europe and North America. With over thirty years of investing across sectors and geographies, and strategies, we have truly deep and proprietary relationships.

Across our businesses we always have our eye on growth, but never at the expense of taking on too much risk.

Differentiated Culture

Adherence to BC Partners’ founding principles has enabled the firm to grow and evolve with the development of the private equity market in a deliberate, disciplined, and conservative manner. These values and behaviors are embedded in the mind-set and approach of the current and future leaders of BC Partners.

Our Values

  • Analytical Rigor
  • Honesty & Humanity
  • Credibility
  • Collegiality
  • Accountability
  • Humility
  • Transparency
Members of the support/central services team meet with Partner and Chief Operating Officer Graeme Dell.

Leadership and Partnership

Since inception, we have been an independent partnership that attracts entrepreneurial talent, which has in turn enabled succession from our Founders. We have a governance model that balances leadership and partnership, and we manage our firm in the same way that we manage our portfolio companies, with strong, highly-engaged leadership at our Executive Committee (ExCo), who manage the firm on behalf of the partnership on a day-to-day basis, thus allowing our experienced deal leaders to focus on investing.