• Region: Europe
  • Sector: TMT
  • Investment Year: 2020
  • Transaction Value: €319m

In November 2020, BC Funds acquired Keesing.

Keesing is the leading European developer and publisher of puzzle content with 85% market share in its top 4 countries (France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden). It enjoys significant differentiation driven by its technology platform for content development, which generates the highest quality puzzles at the lowest cost. The Company is well positioned to benefit from the increased focus on brain health. It owns a number of market-leading brands and is also in the process of releasing new digital offerings, which will allow it to leverage its existing content to new audiences.

BC will support the management team to accelerate the roll out of their digital offerings and the consolidation of the European market by leveraging Keesing’s best-in-class technology. BC believes there is also upside potential by repositioning the asset more firmly in the kids, education and mental fitness segments.

Team Involved