BC Partners

Strong and Stable Independent Partnership

The BC Partners commitment to partnership, founding principles and firm governance remain unchanged since inception, including shared ownership and equal, unanimous decision-making.

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One Proven Strategy

For over 25 years, BC Partners has targeted investments in market-leading businesses principally in Europe and also in North America with defensive growth characteristics. The team works in partnership with management to enhance businesses and create lasting value.

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One Integrated Team

Our investment professionals work closely across an established network of offices in Europe and New York, benefiting from collective intelligence and experience.

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Consistently Delivering Superior Returns

BC Partners has consistently delivered superior returns to investors for over 25 years. BC Partners Funds have continued to perform through macroeconomic volatility.

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Investing in Sustainable Growth

In Amadeus, BC Partners worked closely with management to invest heavily in technology and secure long-term growth. Amadeus grew its market share in all geographies during BC Partners’ investment.

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Enhancing Infrastructure to Meet New Consumer Trends

The merger of Tele Columbus with ish/iesy to form Unitymedia created the second largest cable company in Germany. Unitymedia pioneered the development and marketing of new interactive services in the German cable market.

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Acquisition-led Growth

Brenntag made over 30 acquisitions under BC Partners’
ownership, investing over €500 million to help establish the
company in new markets including China, Russia, Turkey, 
Thailand, Singapore and Australia

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BC Partners is a leader in private equity that has invested in companies principally in Europe and also North America for over 25 years.

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Our Strategy

BC Partners has maintained one strategy since its establishment in 1986, targeting investments in market leading businesses with defensive growth characteristics.

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Our Strategy

Our Investments

BC Partners has completed 87 investments in companies with a total enterprise value of €95 billion.

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Our Team

Our investment professionals work as one integrated team across its network of offices in London, Paris, Hamburg and New York.

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Our Team