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Since 1994 we have partnered with investors to realise co-investment opportunities across private equity, credit, and real estate.

BC Partners has developed one of the most comprehensive and well established co-investment platforms in the alternative investments industry. Since inception, we have provided co-investments to over 100 unique Limited Partners for an amount of circa €9.9 billion alongside 44 portfolio companies in the BC Partners private equity funds, and have offered over $2.0 billion in debt opportunities in a number of private credit deals.

Team members meet in a conference room.

BC Partners works closely with investors who are looking to co-sponsor or co-underwrite deals, or be part of a syndicated co-investment program. We also create customised co-investment solutions for investors.

Total Invested Equity Plus Co-Investment

Co-Sponsorship and Co-Underwriters €3.9 billion with 12 unique LPs (pre-signing)

Syndicated Co-Investment €3.7 billion with 70 unique LPs (post-signing)