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Private Equity

Since inception, BC Partners has maintained a leading position in the buy-out market, consistently delivering superior returns to investors over our 35 year history.

One of the first, truly pan-European buy-out firms, BC Partners has continually operated across Europe for over three decades, and for over a decade in North America. We have raised 11 successive funds totaling over €30 billion of committed capital, making 128 private equity investments across our core sectors in 19 countries, and generating significant co-investment deal-flow for our investors.

Partner Nikos Stathopoulos speaking in a meeting

We aim to produce superior returns for our investors through every phase of the investment process — from sourcing, due diligence, operational value creation, to achieving the optimal exit.


We focus on control buyouts of businesses in Europe and North America with Enterprise Values typically greater than €300 million.


We seek to buy market-leading companies that exhibit resilient characteristics in defensive but growing markets, from founders, families, and business owners.


Our companies have multiple operating levers, creating growth optionality, strong underlying free cash flow yields, and an attractive balance of risk and reward.


We align ourselves with strong, incentivised management teams and companies where there are attractive exit alternatives.

Considered Portfolio Construction

Private Equity Principal Fouad Jaidi discusses strategy with Portfolio Operations Team Principal Tanya Thompson.

We take a holistic approach to constructing our portfolios. Each investment in a fund is never made in isolation - we always take into account the opportunities and risks of the overall portfolio and constantly monitor our funds as they are constructed. With our high level of focus and analytical rigour, we work to ensure our portfolios are pressure-tested, working together to weather any market cycle.

Deal Sourcing & Asset Selection

Our senior investment team focuses on 4 core sectors, in 2 core geographies, and this focus drives deeper relationships with sector participants, which in turn helps us to utilise our deep networks to create proprietary angles on deal opportunities.

Alongside this, our values and partnership culture resonate strongly with founders and families. Entrepreneurs often come to us seeking a partner with a culture of transparency, honesty, and humanity, and professionals who balance likability and credibility. We believe this is our true differentiator.

Defensive Growth Strategy

We always have our eye on growth but never at the expense of taking on too much risk.

Since inception, we have always focused on downside-protected sectors and market leading businesses.

We have an increased focus on value creation optionalities with strong cash flow, and where we believe we have an edge.

Across our history, over two thirds of the value creation in our portfolio has come from EBITDA growth.

Value Creation

Partner Paolo Notarnicola talks with Partner Mark Fariborz.

As active and engaged shareholders, we seek to maximise returns for investors. Our investment team maintains ongoing monitoring of our companies with support from our dedicated Portfolio Operations Team.

We seek to generate de-levering cashflows to provide downside protection, while EBITDA growth is achieved by investing in future value drivers in combination with operational cost discipline.

Investment Team

Partner and Chairman of BC Partners

Our senior investment team consists of 12 private equity investment Partners across the firm's offices. On average, our Partners have been at BC Partners for over 17 years, and together have 229 years' experience at the firm. Our Investment Team currently totals 66 professionals across our offices, with over 530 years of combined private equity experience.