Madison Logic

  • Region: North America
  • Sector: TMT
  • Investment Year: 2022
  • Transaction Value: N/A

In December 2022, BCEC XI acquired Madison Logic (or the “Company”), a global leader in Account Based Marketing.

Madison Logic provides advanced B2B ABM services through its proprietary, industry-leading account-based marketing platform to improve its clients’ sales and marketing results. According to Forrester Research, sustainable B2B pipeline growth requires a clear focus on spotting buying groups, responding to digital signals, and optimizing the path toward a buying decision. With the increase in corporate purchasing and selling online, sales and marketing teams need to work closely together to enable a data-driven approach to marketing aligned with accounts. The Company meets the needs of these changing buyer preferences and behaviours with its integrated approach to data-driven, multi-channel ABM that enables marketers to drive higher engagement, accelerate the sales cycle, and deliver exceptional ROI.

Previous shareholders including CEO Tom O’Regan and Co-Founders Vin Turk (COO) and Erik Matlick, along with Clarion Capital Partners maintain ownership stakes in Madison Logic and continue to support the business in partnership with BC Partners.

Team Involved