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A veterinarian and assistant examine a dog.

Investment Year:2018
Transaction Value:£720m


VetPartners was acquired by BCEC X in November 2018, and is a leading operator of small animal, mixed and equine veterinary practices in the UK.

VetPartners was founded in October 2015 and operates over 350 clinics and has proven itself the fastest growing consolidator of the UK veterinary practices market, adding c.80 vet clinics annually to the group. As the company has grown, management has developed a hub‐and‐spoke strategy in order to maximise revenue and take advantage of capacity and capabilities across the network, particularly by maintaining high‐value referral work inside the group.

In 2018, management initiated the development of six super hubs to underpin the wider hub-and‐spoke network. The super hub features include: out of hours, hospital capabilities, specialty referral capabilities, and diagnostic imaging.